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In one of my favorite personal growth and development books, Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy, he discusses seven ingredients for success. The third is loving relationships.

He writes: “[Loving relationships] are the real measure of how well you are doing as a human being. Most of your happiness and unhappiness in life comes from your relationships with others, and your relationships with others make you truly human.”

So how do you check the barometer on your loving relationships?

One great piece of advice is to monitor the amount of laughter in your home.

Tracy writes: “How often two people (or a family) laugh together is the surest single measure of how well things are going. When a relationship is truly happy, people laugh a lot when they’re together. And when a relationship turns sour, the very first thing that goes is the laughter.”

So there you go. A simple way to check the status of your relationships?


Start laughing with those you love.

Happy February,