Teen Tuesday

Hi teens! It’s time for tip. I want to talk about letting yourself sweat. Yes, I’m serious.

Sweating is an amazingly healthy way for your body to get toxins out of you. Your skin absorbs chemicals into the body, but it also excretes toxins via sweat glands. This is one reason why exercise and sunlight are so healthy. Your body needs to sweat.



Which brings me to the discussion of antiperspirants, which actually block your armpits or other body parts from sweating. Antiperspirants are different than deodorant, which just add scent to help mask the odor of the sweat itself, without actually blocking the pores from sweating.

Now, if you are reading these words and are horrified at the idea of letting yourself sweat because of the smell that may accompany it, there are two things that may help you. One, scrub those armpits! Bacteria on the body can create an odor. However, the more likely event happening, is that your body needs a cleanse or detox to get out those extra toxins. Sweat, in and of itself, shouldn’t be stinky, but can be if you are internally toxic from a variety of factors ranging from bad diet and lack of exercise, all the way to what you put on your skin and in your mind on a daily basis.

The best thing to do is take care of the internal detoxifying first (another discussion altogether), let your body start sweating those toxins out (ie, stop using the antiperspirant and start exercising), and at some point, your sweat won’t smell so strongly. I promise. It can take some time. Just remember, work on cleaning yourself from the inside out, and most importantly, let your body help you do it! Don’t stop that sweat! 

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