Super Mom Monday

Okay, so I just heard something very interesting about anger and the way humans expel it. Supposedly, according to scientific research, we have four main physical routes of expelling anger from our bodies, and they are through the hands, feet, teeth, and throat. That translates to hitting, kicking, chewing, and screaming as modes for releasing pent up anger-energy.

If you’ve had an extremely stressful day, have you ever felt like ordering a steak so you could chew and chew and chew on it? Or perhaps you felt like hitting fifty golf balls at the driving range? Or like picking up a tennis racket and slamming balls as hard as you could for a while? Maybe you kicked a soccer ball. Maybe you ate more food than normal. Maybe you just wanted to scream. Maybe you actually did scream. The point is, these are all very natural ways of expelling unwanted (sometimes even unrealized) stress, anger, or agitation.

Anger is not, obviously, an emotion we want to keep in our bodies. And it’s highly recommended we find positive routes to get rid of it, rather than blowing up at our families, coworkers, friends, or perhaps perfect strangers at the post office.

First off, one must learn to interpret situations differently, so things aren’t as big of a deal. Then, you won’t feel the emotion of anger or stress as often. Remember the quote we mentioned months ago? “Small people, big problems; big people, small problems.”

Beyond that, there is more good news. For any remaining pent-up anger or stress, you can engage in activities that naturally reduce the feelings of this type of stress. Here are a few: Baseball, basketball, racquetball, handball, golf, soccer, kickball. The key is to actually be hitting or kicking something, rather than just running or swimming, which is good for cardiovascular fitness and reducing stress but doesn’t necessarily release anger.  You could even scream in your pillow if you need to, but I’m unsure of how many calories that actually burns, which is the beautiful side-benefit to many of these activities.

Here’s an interesting true story: According to some experts, the primary cause of acne in teenagers is pent-up anger. Armed with this knowledge, one father bought a large chunk of wood and some tenpenny nails for his teenage son who was suffering from acne. The father had the boy hammer nails into the wood for at least twenty minutes everyday. His acne cleared up in two weeks.

So get yourself, your kids, and your grandkids moving in healthy ways—hitting or kicking things—that will naturally allow you and your loved ones to deal with stress, anger, and other negative emotions we may not even realize we’re having. Have a happy, stress-free September!

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