Teen Tuesday

I was grocery shopping in Sam’s when a shock of inspiration hit me. I literally had to PULL MY CART OVER, grab some napkins (because I didn’t have my journal), and start scribbling my little heart out.

In the end, this is what poured onto the page: A DECLARATION FOR UNIQUENESS. (Both mine and yours.) As you read, speak it to yourself. I wish I’d had access to this frame of mind when I was a teenager. I hope you will embrace the truths in this declaration, pull them deep into your heart, and make them your own.

BTW, the picture above is of THE ACTUAL napkins. Look at that legible, non-messy handwriting! (Confession: I was forced to write slowly because of the frailty of the napkins. ;)

Okay, here goes:



Today, I hereby declare not to be like anyone else in the world. I’m done comparing. Finished with thinking someone else’s way is the right way. This only limits me from expressing myself fully and living to the highest potential.

Today, I hereby decide not to be like anyone else. I will let my light shine, in hopes that others will see that they, too, are free from the confines of comparatism, if only they should so decide it for themselves.

Today, I hereby insist. I will be an individual—not for the sake of individualism itself—but rather to open myself up to others, and them to me.  

My newfound freedom will allow floodgates of joy to flow between me and every fellow human being I encounter. It is for them that I push forward. It is for them that I press onward with my beacon of “Self” lit brightly, so that when I encounter each individual, they do not see me, but instead, see their own Self in the light.

Written by Heidi Tankersley



Onward and upward my fellow beacon carriers.


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