Bookfest Friday

Alright everybody. It's really happening.

Many of you know that I’ve been sharing books I’ve read, some on this blog, and before that, via a monthly newsletter we send out through our home building company. Here on my blog, I’ve been posting books on "Bookfest Fridays."

But something has shifted in me.

I’m ready to commit.

I'm upping the ante.

It’s been a VERY long-time goal of mine to read 2 books a week, 104 books a year.  I think I’ve written this goal in my journal for the last two years. Eeek! Sometimes, I read two books a week, but fail to keep momentum going week after week. Well, there’s nothing like making a public announcement to hold myself accountable:

One whole year. 2 books a week for 52 weeks. That’s 104 books in one year.

You know what I read somewhere? Many people don’t even read ONE non-fiction book from cover to cover in a whole year. Well, that's not us.

Starting in May, we're going to read two books. Every week. For a whole year.

I'll keep you updated on my blog with the books I'm reading. I'm going for one FICTION book and one NON-FICTION book per week.

If your reading this blog post way beyond the Bookfest start date of Friday, May 1, 2015, please join our groupie and start reading anyway. :) We’re not wrapping this party up until April 29, 2016, so jump on wherever you are and join the club! We’re reading to grow ourselves (and for a bit of entertainment, too), because growing ourselves is the only way to shape our lives into all we want them to be.

So. I’ll see you on Fridays on the blog! I look forward to it! Now GET TO READING! :)

P.S. I love to read books, but I also love to WRITE books. If you'd like to get notified when my next book releases, sign up here.

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