Teen Tuesday

I am going to tell you a true story, hopefully one that inspires you. It was shared in the late 1800’s by Doctor Russell H. Conwell as he raised money to start Temple University. Later it was included into the published work “Acres of Diamonds.” Perhaps you have heard of it.

It starts in the county of Africa, where a farmer owned a sizable parcel of land.

Soon, word came to him that diamonds were being harvested in the other areas of the country and people were making their fortunes. As you can imagine, the lure for his own fortune was strong, and so the farmer sold his land, loaded a small pack, and left in search of diamonds.

Time passed, and one day, the man who had bought the land from the farmer found an interesting dark stone in the bottom of his creek bed. He took it home and displayed it on his mantle as a strange curiosity.

One day, the man had a friend come to visit. His friend picked up the stone, inspected it thoroughly and asked the man where he had gotten it. “From the bottom of my creek bed,” the man said. His friend asked him if he had any idea what it was. “Why no,” replied the man, “but there are plenty more of them covering my creek bed, none so large as this, but hundreds to be sure.” His friend replied that the man had, resting there on his mantle, the largest diamond ever discovered. The man’s farmland had an abundance of diamonds, one of the largest within the entire country of Africa.

The first farmer had owned FREE AND CLEAR acres of diamonds. But instead he had packed his bags, sold the land and went in search of them elsewhere.

What are your “acres of diamonds?” What resources do you have right in front of you, inside the power of your mind, that can allow you to create your own “acres of diamonds”? To create the life you really want? The ideas are there, I assure you, and with a little searching you will find them. The human mind holds an abundance of possibilities. Its capabilities are endless. Stop searching for your diamonds in other parts of the country, in other fields, in what others are doing. Look inside yourself and go for the life you want.  You have your very own “acres of diamonds” right within you.

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