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To All My Writer Friends,

Please remember:

There’s nothing sexy about “taking care of business.” Last time I checked, “get ‘er done” was just that.

Doing the work. Finishing the work.


That’s it. The end.


It doesn’t feel magical. In fact … it sometimes feels hauntingly like … well, work.




Work holds magical moments.


And, as we press toward our destination, magic will show up at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected places. It will materialize during the work itself—during that non-sexy, unending process of the journey.


So, go on. 


Do the work. 


Get ‘er done. 


And while you trek, wait for the unexpected magic along the way.

-Heidi Tankersley

You are on the journey.

Keep going.

On that note … back to writing. :) 


A tragedy struck our family friends this week.

This morning, I woke up with these words in my head:

"Sometimes, the bravest thing that we can do is get up, and face another day, with love in our hearts."

-Heidi Tankersley

From my journal, inspirational words bubbling up from me, to you... :) xxheidi


You Are Loved.

You Are Wanted.

You Are Here On Purpose.

You Were Created For A Reason.

You Will Change The World.

-Heidi Tankersley

"Offer what you have of yourself now.

Right now.

Because later, you’ll have something different to give.

But today, the gift you have to give is your message, just as you are NOW. And somebody needs to hear it."

-Heidi Tankersley

"There is no greater gift we can give to ourselves and those who passed before us than to live our lives at the hightest level, and interact with those around us in a way that makes us, and the people around us, brighter."

—Heidi Tankersley

“How you feel at any moment is a brilliant indicator between how much your PHYSICAL you and your SPIRITUAL you are in sync with one another. The more you live your life’s highest purpose, the more you follow your calling, the more you are in line with the INNATE YOU, the better you feel, and the greater your emotional well-being.”

–Heidi Tankersley