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Hi Friends,

The day you've been long waiting for has arrived.

It's available. The Lost Lineage, The Mod Code Series Book #3.

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Hi reader friends! 

I'm geting questions surrounding the order that I've written the Mod Code series of books. 

So, for those of you wondering, below they are listed in the order that I wrote them.

I happen to love this order as the suggested reading order. BUT! Everyone's different on their preferences for reading prequels.

I usually like to dig into the meat of the story before I go back and read any prequels and find out the "before" story. However, I had one reader saying she was glad the prequels were both out so she could read them before she ever started the first book. 

Bottom line? I appreciate whatever your reader tango style might be, and I say ... "Read on, my reader friend!" 

Here's the written order of the books:

The Mod Code (Book #1)

The Golden Order (Book #2)

The Island (Prequel novella featuring Jack and Imogen)

Our Three Years (Prequel featuring Sage and Beckett)

The Lost Lineage (Currently working on! Releasing Feb. 2018!)

The Crossed Kingdom (Currently working on! Releasing Aug. 14, 2019!)

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Lots of love coming to each and every one of you this August 2nd! School is about to start again! Raise your hand if you can hardly believe that! (My hand is raised.) It's just a good reminder to me that we have to EMBRACE every day fully and LIVE it as if it were our last. 

Tell someone you love them today and have a great week!



This is the story of Sage & Beckett's three years on the farm before The Mod Code Book #1. This story is told in alternating perspectives: Letters from Beckett, written to Sage and Sage's Journal/Diary Entries. 

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The Bookbub sale is officially over. You can go here to visit The Mod Code Series official site.

This Bookbub sale is officially over. Please go here to visit The Mod Code Series official page. 

This novel is a MOD CODE PREQUEL! This is the story of Sage and Beckett's three years on the farm together BEFORE Sage is kidnapped.

This story is told in alternating perspectives: Letters from Beckett, written to Sage, and Sage's Journal/Diary Entries.

It's juicy!!! Get ready!! 

Here's the jacket cover description:

Sage has trust issues.


She's never been in love, and she's not going to start now, especially not with her new farm neighbor—no matter how good-looking he is, no matter how much his parents want to help her family.


Beckett is hurting in a way he'd never show anyone.
He doesn't plan on falling for Sage.
He knows it would be easier if he didn't care about her at all—because of his secret, because of the truth about who sent him to her small Kansas town. 


But when Sage's family farm is threatened with financial ruin, Beckett can't stand back and watch. As Vasterias forces mount against them, Beckett is desperate to tell Sage the truth—before Vasterias gets to her first.

Sold in DIGITAL format starting June 30, 2017 on AMAZON, ITUNES, BARNES & NOBLE, & KOBO.

My mom and sister were/are amazing at all things crafts and home-making. When my sister was in high-school, she was hired to sew a wedding dress for a young lady, complete with thousands of ornate pearls on the bodice and skirt. I’m not kidding about this. She also sewed a long, black wool coat and matching wool dress for herself, along with plenty of other outfits and paraphernalia. My mom quilted, and sewed, and painted, and sketched, and decorated, and baked bread and cookies. These were the women in my life. My live-in Martha Stewarts—without all the negative connotations attached.

Me? I played basketball. And ran around climbing trees. I wore my hair in a ponytail. I liked to be loud. I liked to write.   

My mom was an amazing lady. My sister is an amazing woman. And luckily, I wasn’t judged for my lack of interest (or capabilities) in crafts/baking by anyone in my family, especially not my female counterparts. However, it was inevitable—I wouldn’t leave this situation unscathed.

Somehow, I found myself looking around and wondering if my skill sets were enough. Am I enough? Can I contribute? Are my interests and gifts valid?

Unfortunately, human nature didn’t help me with this. As humans, we live in a perpetual state of comparison. It’s engrained in us because, once upon a time, it helped with survival. We had to think and categorize fast, in order to stay alive.

We still think and categorize in our modern society. Only now, all this does is bring awareness to the ways we’re different from each other. And then, we start pondering whether our differences are good, or bad, or neutral.

It took me a while, and I’m still learning, but I know now … it’s a neutral thing.

So why is this so hard for me to wrestle with? I know, face value, that some people are soft-spoken, some people are loud. Some people dress in jeans, some people wear trousers. Some eat breakfast. Some people skip breakfast. Some people work in an office. Some don’t.

We’re humans, we’re all different. I know this, right???

Some women love to cook. Some women love home décor and decorating. Some women love designing invitations. Heck, I even have a friend who loves folding fresh, warm laundry. (True story.) It’s because we’re made in a million different, beautiful ways. It’s a gorgeous thing—loving and being exactly who we we’re meant to be. 

I just had to stop feeling guilty about not being all the things I wasn’t. I had to drop the shame associated with my healthy (and yet variety-lacking) dinners. I had to drop the shame associated with that stain I could not FOR THE LIFE OF ME get out of my son’s neon yellow sport shirt. (Okay, I only tried once, but still.) I had to drop the shame associated my non-handmade birthday invitations.

Other people love and thrive on things I don’t love and thrive on. My sister loves crafts. I start twitching the week before Valentine’s Day, because I know the yearly “Valentine’s box decoration time” for my elementary kids is coming up.  But guess what? I have a friend who LIVES for this Valentine’s box decoration thing.

And it’s all okay. It’s not just okay. It’s beautiful.

Because it’s impossible to be all the “other” things, and be who we’re meant to be.  And if we try, we short-change ourselves. Essentially, we short-change the world.

Because the world needs us just the way we are. With the gifts and skill-sets we were created with, not the ones that we struggle to acquire in order to deem ourselves “good-enough.”

So step up to the plate today. Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Love yourself—long enough and deep enough to appreciate all you have to offer and all that you are in the world.



Yes, friends, The Golden Order book #2 in The Mod Code Series is available TODAY. 

Find copies available on all platforms here.

BOOK #2 in The Mod Code Series:


Releasing to booksellers Feb. 14, 2017!

I have been working hard for you my reader friends and followers!!!

Get ready. Because I'm really trying to blow your socks of with THE MOD CODE BOOK #2. 

I really am. 

And I hope your socks literally blow off when you read it. 

It's hard, balancing WRITING LIKE A MAD WOMAN and being a good mom and wife and friend. Sometimes, I have to FORCE myself to take a day for other things that are important to me. But I do it, especially because I have made a promise to myself to do my various roles well: Being a loving, present mother is very important to me. Providing healthful food for my family is important to me. Loving my husband fully and spending time with him is important to me. Staying in contact with dear friends is important to me.

There was a season, a few years ago, when I wrote ALL THE TIME. It wasn't healthy. My family started to expect me NOT to engage. It was rare when I DID engage. (Picture me, on a Saturday night, sitting at my computer pounding away, while my children played in their rooms and my husband watched football, or while the three of them played a board game or watched a movie together. And then there was me ... typing ... typing ...typing.)

Sometimes, this intense focus is okay:

Deadlines. I get it. (This a reality for most people within their careers at some point.) 

And yes,

I love my work. I get it.

And yes,

I'm passionate about my message. I get it.  

But finally, (praise the Lord), I realized this: I'm writing as part of a life-long career. If this can't work within the context of my own value system, it's not worth it to me. I'll be empty at the end if I can't include what fills me up with LOVE. 

So. Now, I type my heart out while the kids are at school, and occasionally at night (like I mentioned above, sometimes there are deadlines). But normally, I engage with my family, and my friends, and my neighbors, after my "work day."    

And, when an event arises, and I know it's important to my kids, I show up.

In fact, I did this very thing a few weeks ago. This is me and my daughter on a field trip with her 2nd grade class to War Eagle Cavern near Beaver Lake, Arkansas. (We toured giant caves). 

The picture is dark (we're in the cave), but you can spot some glistening water on the cave ceiling behind us! 

I was so happy to be there. I knew my daughter would want me there. Did I have a lot of work I could have been doing? Of course! Was it important to me to be present for this? For her?


And so, I was THERE.

And... we had FUN!

So. That's my soliloquy on finding balance with my values.

But. I digressed from book announcements. How did I digress without even noticing???


So, here it is:

1) The Mod Code, Book #2 is set to release on Feb 14, 2017. (Please see above, about me, hoping to knock your socks off.) Sign up to receive updates its release.

2) Another novel will follow shortly thereafter, a PREQUEL to The Mod Code Book #1, set to release June 30, 2017. This book is Sage & Beckett's story--their three years together on the farm. EEEK! I can't wait for you to read this! (Again, sign up for updates its release!)

3) And finally, in the next few weeks, return to my website for FREE GOODIES, which I'll have available to download. (Think Sage, Jack, and Beckett, and a peek into their childhood.) Eeek! You'll love this, too!!! 

You guys. I'm grateful for you. 

I'm grateful for the oppportunity to write for you.

I'm honored you're enjoying my stories.

Thanks for being so awesome. 


Love to you all!