Post from: May 2017

This Bookbub sale is officially over. Please go here to visit The Mod Code Series official page. 

This novel is a MOD CODE PREQUEL! This is the story of Sage and Beckett's three years on the farm together BEFORE Sage is kidnapped.

This story is told in alternating perspectives: Letters from Beckett, written to Sage, and Sage's Journal/Diary Entries.

It's juicy!!! Get ready!! 

Here's the jacket cover description:

Sage has trust issues.


She's never been in love, and she's not going to start now, especially not with her new farm neighbor—no matter how good-looking he is, no matter how much his parents want to help her family.


Beckett is hurting in a way he'd never show anyone.
He doesn't plan on falling for Sage.
He knows it would be easier if he didn't care about her at all—because of his secret, because of the truth about who sent him to her small Kansas town. 


But when Sage's family farm is threatened with financial ruin, Beckett can't stand back and watch. As Vasterias forces mount against them, Beckett is desperate to tell Sage the truth—before Vasterias gets to her first.

Sold in DIGITAL format starting June 30, 2017 on AMAZON, ITUNES, BARNES & NOBLE, & KOBO.