Post from: November 2016

I have been working hard for you my reader friends and followers!!!

Get ready. Because I'm really trying to blow your socks of with THE MOD CODE BOOK #2. 

I really am. 

And I hope your socks literally blow off when you read it. 

It's hard, balancing WRITING LIKE A MAD WOMAN and being a good mom and wife and friend. Sometimes, I have to FORCE myself to take a day for other things that are important to me. But I do it, especially because I have made a promise to myself to do my various roles well: Being a loving, present mother is very important to me. Providing healthful food for my family is important to me. Loving my husband fully and spending time with him is important to me. Staying in contact with dear friends is important to me.

There was a season, a few years ago, when I wrote ALL THE TIME. It wasn't healthy. My family started to expect me NOT to engage. It was rare when I DID engage. (Picture me, on a Saturday night, sitting at my computer pounding away, while my children played in their rooms and my husband watched football, or while the three of them played a board game or watched a movie together. And then there was me ... typing ... typing ...typing.)

Sometimes, this intense focus is okay:

Deadlines. I get it. (This a reality for most people within their careers at some point.) 

And yes,

I love my work. I get it.

And yes,

I'm passionate about my message. I get it.  

But finally, (praise the Lord), I realized this: I'm writing as part of a life-long career. If this can't work within the context of my own value system, it's not worth it to me. I'll be empty at the end if I can't include what fills me up with LOVE. 

So. Now, I type my heart out while the kids are at school, and occasionally at night (like I mentioned above, sometimes there are deadlines). But normally, I engage with my family, and my friends, and my neighbors, after my "work day."    

And, when an event arises, and I know it's important to my kids, I show up.

In fact, I did this very thing a few weeks ago. This is me and my daughter on a field trip with her 2nd grade class to War Eagle Cavern near Beaver Lake, Arkansas. (We toured giant caves). 

The picture is dark (we're in the cave), but you can spot some glistening water on the cave ceiling behind us! 

I was so happy to be there. I knew my daughter would want me there. Did I have a lot of work I could have been doing? Of course! Was it important to me to be present for this? For her?


And so, I was THERE.

And... we had FUN!

So. That's my soliloquy on finding balance with my values.

But. I digressed from book announcements. How did I digress without even noticing???


So, here it is:

1) The Mod Code, Book #2 is set to release on Feb 14, 2017. (Please see above, about me, hoping to knock your socks off.) Sign up to receive updates its release.

2) Another novel will follow shortly thereafter, a PREQUEL to The Mod Code Book #1, set to release June 30, 2017. This book is Sage & Beckett's story--their three years together on the farm. EEEK! I can't wait for you to read this! (Again, sign up for updates its release!)

3) And finally, in the next few weeks, return to my website for FREE GOODIES, which I'll have available to download. (Think Sage, Jack, and Beckett, and a peek into their childhood.) Eeek! You'll love this, too!!! 

You guys. I'm grateful for you. 

I'm grateful for the oppportunity to write for you.

I'm honored you're enjoying my stories.

Thanks for being so awesome. 


Love to you all!