Post from: October 2016

Soul Saturday

This blog is all about the health of your heart. And not from a physical or diet perspective, but from a heart-and-soul perspective.

I heard a question recently that transformed the way I interact with those I love most in my life. Frankly, it changed how I interact with EVERYBODY. 

My perspective shifted when I heard this:

Who would you be, what good would you do, how would you act and respond to people, if today were your last?

Talk about perspective shift. 

For me, when I heard this, it didn’t mean I needed to hop on a plane and head to an orphanage in South Africa. I needed something immediate and tactile.

It meant smiling to people who I passed on the street. It meant engaging with my aging grandmother in a more compassionate way. It meant hugging my children in the mornings and looking them in the eyes and telling them I loved them. It meant recognizing the gift of a fantastic spouse, and telling him so. It meant living as a brighter light so that all who encountered me on a daily basis were a little bit lighter because of our interaction. 

This is what I would want my last day to look like: Love. 

Love in the most visceral of ways; living daily with my highest possible self, each moment.

Love really is the most important thing, isn’t it? When everything else is washed away, when we fade into dust, what will be left?  The way we loved. That’s what will bring a warm feeling to the people we touched here on earth. 

It’s not an easy proposition, to live as if this were our last day on earth. It takes bravery, and not because it requires briefly, for a few seconds, that we face our own mortality. Rather, it takes courage because we must rewrite the way we’ve always done things. It takes boldness to love others in such a complete and total way, all the time, every day.

But, try it.

When you wake up in the morning, take a moment to pause, and to ask yourself, “Who would I be, how would I act and respond today if it were my last day on earth?”

I was surprised to find that this changed my daily interactions dramatically, and challenged me to live life at a higher, more meaningful level.  Give it a go!

Wishing you all the best,


Soul Saturday

Madeleine L'Engle.

I love this woman and the books she left behind for the world.

I was reading from her Glimpses of Grace: Daily Thoughts & Reflections, and came across this quote, which touched my soul:

"My faith is not a magic charm, like garlic to chase away vampires. It is, instead, what sustains me in the midst of all the normal joys and tragedies of the ordinary human life." 

So lovely. So true.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday!


Super Mom Monday

I have to share, because I know you--as a writer, or reader, or both--will appreciate it.

This is my second-grade daughter, called downstairs for dinner but unable to put down her book. She wouldn't even look up for the picture:

Please note, she's AT THE END. As we all know, this is an impossible place to stop reading, especially if the book is delicious. And, as it turns out, this book is delicious. She's reading one of my childhood favorites, Mandy, by Julie Andrews. (A little girl's perfect book.)

You guys. 

You have no idea how much much this picture touches my heart. To have my kids reading... and LOVING books ... it's ... it's .... Well, I'm at a loss for words. Is that legal, being a writer and all? (Especially when I exclaim to my husband on a regular basis "WORDS ARE MY THING!") At any rate, I'll leave it at that for now.

Hope you're all having a fantastic Monday!