Post from: June 2015

Writer Wednesday

Hello fellow writers!

I’m at a writing conference in Santa Barbara, CA, this week. Yay! I’m probably having a fantastic time. (Come on, let’s be very honest and transparent with each other... I typed this blog before I ever left, and scheduled it to post today, for you to read!) Right now, I’m likely in some amazing class, scribbling in my notebook like crazy, trying to capture all the wonderful insights and advice I’m getting from speakers and other writers.  

On breaks, I’ll stroll the beach and breathe in the smell of the Pacific Ocean. : )

Which brings me to my blog topic for YOU. (Not the beach part, the learning, note-scribbling part.)

If you’re the type of writer (and I assume you are), that has chosen writing as a career and you’re in this for the long haul, if you’re the type of writer that can’t imagine life WITHOUT writing, then you very well may be familiar with this principle already.

It’s the principle of CONTINUAL LEARNING.


Bookfest Friday

Hi everyone! So, I've officially decided to change the title of "Bookfest Friday Book REVIEW" to "Bookfest Friday Book TALK." Because, I realized, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for me to adequately "review" a book in one minute a piece. I can't do the book any justice whatsoever. BUT. I can sufficiently TALK about a book in one minute and highlight what's at the very TOP of my brain about it. In essense, these "2 BOOKS in 2 MINUTES" videos are a skimming of a skimming of the surface. Does that make sense??? I honestly wish we could just have morning tea together and talk about a book for a few hours. That would be much more thorough. But alas, I'm here on this side of the computer, and you're there, on the other. And until we meet one day, this will have to suffice.

Now. On to this week's BOOK TALK:

So. Who doesn't love Madeleine L'Engle? She's too opinionated to ignore, too brilliant not to respect, too diverse not to love!

Watch this week's book review below on A Circle of Quiet and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.


BOOKS TO READ FOR THIS WEEK, (week starting Friday, June 5):

All Fall Down by Ally Carter

The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

Happy Reading and Big Hugs!


Super Mom Monday

So, confession time.

I had to call my husband today and apologize.

All too often, when I’m folding laundry, or loading the dishes into the washer, or planning yet another healthy meal (see my attitude revealing itself already), I go into my “someday” mode.  And it’s not fair to my husband or my children, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, myself.

My “someday” mode is this:

“Won’t it be nice when someday, we have someone here, folding the laundry for me? And cooking the meals? And cleaning up all these dirty dishes? Then I’ll be able write, and travel for public speaking, and do what I'm really jazzed about all the time, instead of being bothered with day-to-day stuff like this.”