Post from: March 2015

Bookfest Friday

We were in the candle shop at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO, a few summers ago and the kids had just finished dipping their candles. At the check-out counter, I found this book, Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leadership. Both Jacob and I thoroughly enjoy books that have to do with leadership, so I picked it up, read the jacket-flap summary, perused the pages, and then bought it. This book was written by the CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment, the corporation that owns Silver Dollar City and other theme parks across the U.S. The principles Manby writes of are timeless, and I highly recommend this book to anyone who runs a business, works as a group leader within their career, or who holds a position of influence with at least one other person in this world. (Hint: That’s all of us.) So get the book! And read it!

Deep Thought Thursday

We were eating out the other night, Jacob, the kids and I. On the television at our booth played a show following the lives of a pack of wolves, which Andrew and Joely were enthralled with. Actually, we were all intrigued.

We got to watching, and half-way through our meal, something really interesting happened with the wolves.

The wolf-pack was out hunting for buffalo and was chasing down a herd, trying to find a calf to attack. The young wolf pups were hungry. Many wolf-pups die of starvation in their first year of life. They needed food. It didn’t look like there were many calves in the herd of buffalo that these wolves could attack.

Then, suddenly, the alpha male pulled completely out of the hunt and started sprinting in an opposite direction.


Teen Tuesday

I am going to tell you a true story, hopefully one that inspires you. It was shared in the late 1800’s by Doctor Russell H. Conwell as he raised money to start Temple University. Later it was included into the published work “Acres of Diamonds.” Perhaps you have heard of it.

It starts in the county of Africa, where a farmer owned a sizable parcel of land.

Soon, word came to him that diamonds were being harvested in the other areas of the country and people were making their fortunes. As you can imagine, the lure for his own fortune was strong, and so the farmer sold his land, loaded a small pack, and left in search of diamonds.


"Offer what you have of yourself now.

Right now.

Because later, you’ll have something different to give.

But today, the gift you have to give is your message, just as you are NOW. And somebody needs to hear it."

-Heidi Tankersley