Post from: August 2014

Super Mom Monday

This smoothie that we make (usually all summer long) has a handful of key ingredients that keep our family healthy and full of energy.  This is a great way to get greens into your kids without them knowing it because you can't taste the spinach.  It's sneaky!  Try it!  You'll love it. 

Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries,  All are high in anti-oxidants to help boost your immune system. 

Fresh Spinach:  High in iron, calcium and antioxidants

Banana: Good source of Vit B6, Maganese and potassium

Coconut Milk: Contains Omega 3 and 6 and good fatty acid chains that are healthy for your joints, skin and cells

Spirulina: A microalga that is a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids.  High in Vit B 12 and is a great sources of vitamins and trace minerals. 

Omega 3 Fish Oils:  Essential for proper brain functioning, increases neurological functioning

Flaxseed Oil:  Inflammation reducer, contains good fatty-acid chains and omega oils. 



The Tankersley family celebrates a TON of August birthdays. In our immediate family, we had two. Me and Joely. We celebrated Joely by heading to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. My parents and two of my brothers were able to join us for the fun, along with Jacob’s mom.

A week later, I had a wonderful birthday dinner on August 14th with Jacob and the kids. The best part of the night? Joely trying to take down a lemon slice…