About Me

About Me

Who am I?

Short Answer:

I love life and believe in each person's unique potential to accomplish amazing things here on earth. After twelve years as a full-time yoga and pilates instructor, and after launching a few businesses with my husband—one successful and one that no longer exists—I dove full-time into writing books. I live in Northwest Arkansas, where I'm wife to a fantastic husband, mother of two brilliant kids, and completely in love with my computer—because it's where I can write very long stories about people who aren't even real.

Longer Answer:

My life is full.

Full of love, and laughter, and amazing people. I'm so glad God placed me here on this amazing planet earth.

I love to read. And write.

I'm married to a phenomenal person. My husband is rugged and brilliant, and I love him with my whole heart.

My two children (one fantastic boy and one glittering girl) indulge me; they let me read them my favorite children's books. Sometimes the books make us laugh—hard. Sometimes we cry—a little less hard. My children also shock me—both at the rate of their growth, and at their continual, expanding brain power. Isn't the human mind an incredible thing?

Hmm. What else. I grew up in small-town Kansas and traveled south to Arkansas for college. I attended John Brown University (where I met my now-hubby), graduated with a B.A. in Exercise Science, and taught yoga & pilates for twelve years. During that time, my husband and I started an online eco-store, started a home building company, closed the online store, and grew our building company. Finally, I jumped full-force into writing a young adult novel I'd been working on for the previous three years and started booking speaking engagements.

I haven't stopped writing or talking since. Find my books here.

I love public speaking. Aside from writing, I never feel more alive than when I'm engaging with other people on stage. Perhaps one day we'll meet at one of my speaking events? I would LOVE that! For more about my speaking engagements, please go here.

If any part of my little life summary excites you, then I'm sure we have things in common! So, please, please don't disappear! I'd love the opportunity to engage with you.

Now, enough about me. Here's something I know about you:

I know that God created you to do amazing things here on earth. I know that you are one-of-a-kind. I know that you have lots to offer others. I know that you are loved.

I look forward to walking this life journey with you.

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